Potable Water Video:
Using SolarBees to Mix Chlorinated or Chloraminated Water Storage Tanks and Reservoirs


Potable / Finished Water Storage Benefits:

  • Completely mixes all sizes of tanks / reservoirs corner to corner
  • Provides uniform water age and impacts the complete boundary layer
  • Prevents stagnation, thermal stratification and short circuiting
  • Self-adjusts for varying water levels
  • Provides efficient system to boost or breakpoint chlorinate
  • Reduces nitrification and loss of residual chlorine or chloramine
  • Reduces high heterotrophic plate counts
  • Reduces excessive ice buildup in cold climates
  • Fits through hatches as small as 24" diameter
  • Requires minimal if any infrastructure changes (solar-powered)
  • SCADA outputs for monitoring
  • Unit operates day and night on solar power
  • High end motor and control system with a 25 year expected life

SolarBee Continuous Circulation &
Mixing of Potable Water Tanks & Reservoirs

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