Municipal Sewer Line

3.1 Gravity Sewer Line

EARTHCARE is also involved in constructing conventional Gravity Sewer Line.This includes VCP or HDPE gravity pipe installation, inspection (leak  detection) for underground and above ground (gantry or bridging)

sewer01 sewer02
sewer03 sewer04


3.2 SIVAC® Vacuum Sewer System

sekisui sivac

EARTHCARE has been appointed Exclusive Sole Agent for SIVAC® Vacuum Sewer System by Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd, Japan. The territory includes Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia.

This is an economical technology to solve difficult situation in gravity sewer system where deep manhole, big pipe size, high water table and big obstacles in conventional gravity sewer system. Its high aesthetic value where piping is hidden and no odor and noise make it suitable for recreational area (seaside/hillside resorts), heritage area (historical buildings) and public area (stadiums). The fully contained piping ensures leak-proof  with no chance of infiltration and exfiltration make it suitable for collection of hospital waste (infectious mucuos, faeces and body fluid, even radioactive waste)

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