Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

EARTHCARE is the Authorized Sole Applicator for the patented Yeast Cycle System in Malaysia by Japan Nishihara Environment Technology, Inc (NET)

1)         Yeast Cycle System – a patented High Technology Biological System
2)         Intermittent Cyclic Activated Sludge Process – a  patented Sequential Batch
            Reactor System
3)         Instantaneous Coagulation Separator – New Technology for Rapid Sedimentation
4)         Centrifugal Dewatering Machine – High Technology Automatic Dewatering 
5)         Anaerobic And Aerobic Filter Bed Treatment Process
6)         IC Decanter – specially design by Nishihara for IC Process
7)         Activeted Sludge System – biological system for biodegradable wastewater.


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