Since we are total water solution company, our business scope and activities involves design, build, operate and transfer (including after sales service such as maintenance, upgrading and replacement.

1 Industrial Wastewater Treatment System
2 Municipal Sewage Treatment System
  2.1 Reinforced Concrete Sewage Treatment System
  2.2 Packaged FRP Sewage Treatment System
  2.3 SBR Sewage Treatment Plant
  2.4 Centralize Sewage Treatment Plant
  2.5 Packaged Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Sewage Treatment System
3 Municipal Sewer Line
  3.1 Gravity Sewer Line
  3.2 SIVACĀ® Vacuum Sewer System
4 Industrial Water Treatment System
5 Industrial Air Treatment System
6 Orther Products & Services



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