Industrial Water Treatment

A MUST for production facility in electronic, food and other wet process industries. More over, the increse in water tariff/rate throughout all states Malaysia will enhance the need for water recycling and underground water source treatment system.  

(1)        Water Filtration / Purification
(2)        Ultra-Filtration
(3)        Nano-Filtration
(4)        Reverse Osmosis
(5)        Water Deionization
(6)        Water Softening

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Solar Powered Water Treatment System

SolarBee, Inc., is a world leader in improving reservoir water quality. SolarBee has pioneered the patented near-laminar radial flow technology that provides high-flow, long-distance circulation (LDC) in water reservoirs. Today SolarBee is using LDC to solve water quality problems in fresh water lakes and reservoirs, potable water tanks and reservoirs, wastewater ponds and lagoons, and estuarine environments in over 14 countries around the globe – providing significant energy savings while relying on solar power and reducing the need for toxic chemicals. SolarBee is truly "Circulating the World's Water."

Fresh Water Video: Using SolarBees in Lakes, Dams, Estuaries
Potable Water Video: Using SolarBees to Mix Chlorinated or Chloraminated Water Storage Tanks and Reservoirs
Wastewater Video: Using SolarBees in Lagoons and other Wastewater Ponds
News Archive Video: SolarBee helps to clean up drinking water at Lake Houston.
News Archive Video:Solarbee provides safe solution to water pollution problem.
News Archive Video:SolarBee, water treatment system.

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